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The health benefits of having a fresh filtered water cooler available in the office many. Because 1997, Unlimited Water has been supplying Australia's office water coolers with safe and healthy drinking water and service is consisted of. Drinking water is necessary to ensure the body's adequate hydration, best health, and also peak work efficiency.

How does a water cooler in the office assist the body? It:

- Improves the body's metabolism
- Aids digestion
- Motivates awareness
- Manages body temperature
- Oils joints and muscles

Office water coolers from Unlimited Water supply a valuable advantage to your office. Drinking plenty of water plays a major role in keeping the body healthy, and setting up office water coolers from Unlimited Water can supply consistently safe, clean, deliciously cool drinking water for the employees in your workplace. Keeping your office staff well hydrated and healthy ensures that each member of your labor force is much better able to focus on their work and keep the business growing. With high-quality, low-profile water coolers from Unlimited Water, your personnel remains concentrated on your core organisation because we look after the water and keep your water coolers well kept and serviced.

Taking up the mere area of a phonebook, office water coolers from Unlimited Water supply:

- Great-tasting, healthy water without the fear of chemicals leaching from low-grade plastics into the water you drink
- More area in the workplace fridges with the removal of those hundreds of individual bottles
- Less recycling expenses and possible waste added to the environment
- trustworthy water cooler service and equipment and excellent prices
- less distractions, fewer headaches, and fewer expenditures overall

Get rid of the hassles of having private water bottles on hand by replacing that mess with water coolers from Unlimited Water for your workplace rather.

You'll remove the need to purchase and disperse water bottles, and you'll eliminate the cost and hassle of recycling involved with having private plastic water bottles. With water coolers from Unlimited Water, you'll conserve money and time due to the fact that we'll provide your water and take away the utilized bottles. With workplace water coolers from Unlimited Water and our reliable water cooler service, you have a true no-hassle option to your personnel's water needs.

Mineral water is referred to as a leading source of plastic contamination. Even with recycling encouraged, only about 15 per cent of plastic water bottles wind up in the recycled waste, which leaves far too many clogging land fills and gets worse the present waste management issues dealt with by all nations around the world.

The manufacturing, transportation, and distribution of mineral water likewise cause a fairly high expense in environmental effect. Not only does bottled water require a lot of energy to produce, transferring it by truck contributes to our ozone deficiency and general air pollution. The total energy required to bring bottled water to market amounts to around 3 litres of crude oil for each 15 litres of bottled water!

Australian companies can prevent all these ecological impacts and still delight in consuming fresh, clean, cool water by installing the office drinking water supply that provides truly clean filtered water on-demand: Unlimited Water.

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